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Andrew Golightly

Andrew Golightly is the lead developer at Golightly+. He started his training in Artificial Intelligence, has worked in Government, Universities, and Corporations. Over the last decade he has worked as a contractor to various agencies globally.

Apps Native & Web

We build native apps for the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices. And we build web apps that are accessible from any web browser.

Websites For Any Device

We build websites that look great on laptops, tablets and phones.

Latest posts

  • How to fetch all products from Shopify in a single query using GraphQL

    I’ve had a few projects now where I’ve had to sync up inventories in Shopify with some external database that was their source of truth for inventory values. So essentially I would need to Download all the products from Shopify for a store Iterate through them all comparing the inventory value reported in Shopify with […]

  • How to prevent table headings duplicating when generating a PDF

    I needed to generate some reports from data we have. So the first step was to create an HTML page from the data, and then generate a PDF from that HTML that we could send. So firstly to generate the PDF from the HTML, I used the code in htmlToPdf.js below. But I was noticing […]

  • How to authenticate with the Shopify API

    How to authenticate with the Shopify API

    I use Node.js. So to programatically connect to Shopify’s Admin API, I use the npm package @shopify/shopify-api. The Admin API supports both GraphQL and REST.  I found the details on how to authenticate using the API was not very obvious though. This is how to do it. First we need to get an Admin API […]

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