Andrew Golightly

Hi, I’m Andrew Golightly.

I’m the lead web developer here at Golightly+.

I have a computer science degree and have been working in IT for over 10 years now.

My passion is working as a front-end developer. In particular I love turning people’s ideas into an actual digital product.

I’m also a qualified counsellor, which means I have great communication skills. I also, unusually for the IT industry, really love connecting with people. I believe communication and really connecting with clients to understand their needs is maybe even more important than the coding part itself.


I currently work for a Shopify focused company in Vancouver and am also the lead developer for a progressive organisation that focuses a lot on blockchain and cryptographic technologies. I also work with a variety of private clients.

I’m always open to hearing about new projects. I particularly like working in a team that I can bounce ideas around with, share expertise (I love working with graphic designers for example) and generally support each other to create stellar products for clients.

I’m looking for projects that involve more custom coding using Javascript (and related libraries), whether on the server (using NodeJS) or on the frontend, particularly with the ReactJS library.


For those more technically minded, I code using the Atom editor. HTML, CSS and JS are the core of what I work with the most. In addition I really enjoy working with ReactJS to create apps, as well as CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation. I use Gulp and webpack to build my web apps. For data storage on the backend, I love working with Firebase.

I’m often writing NodeJS scripts on a server to process data or building an API service.

I’ve built a lot of sites on WordPress, a few on Squarespace and am often working on Shopify sites.

Whether it’s a web app like this Bitcoin POS system, or a landing page for a new business, I thoroughly enjoy coding.


Education and Experience

I started coding when I was 8 years old with Turtle logo. I did a computer science degree in New Zealand and completed that with 1st class honours majoring in Artificial Intelligence. I’ve worked for the New Zealand Government, Universities in New Zealand and England and a few private companies. Since about 2009 I’ve been running my own web development company and contracting to other web development companies.

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