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About Golightly+

Andrew Golightly

Andrew Golightly is the lead web developer at Golightly+.

He works as a fullstack JS developer specialising in Node.js, ReactJS, and Firebase.

For over 20 years now, he has been working in IT with his degree in computer science.

Turning peoples’ ideas into a digital reality is his passion.

As a qualified counselor who runs an empath community, his communication skills are superb. An uncommon trait in the IT industry, Andrew loves connecting with people. He believes communication and understanding clients to identify their needs is potentially even more important than the coding itself.

Andrew is a freelancer for a Shopify Experts company in Vancouver, Canada. His main focus with them is building apps for Slack. He also enjoys working with a variety of private clients.

Hearing about new projects is always exciting to him. He particularly likes working in a team that can bounce ideas around, share expertise, and generally support each other to create stellar products for clients.

Andrew started coding when he was 8 years old with Turtle logo. He completed his computer science degree in New Zealand with 1st class honours, majoring in Artificial Intelligence. He’s worked for the New Zealand Government, Universities in New Zealand and England, and a few private companies in Australia. Since 2009 Andrew has been running his own web development business and contracting out to other web development companies.