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Andrew Golightly is the lead web developer here at Golightly+. He is a passionate fullstack JavaScript developer. And creates native apps too using React Native. To balance his love for coding, he also works as a counsellor.

How to add a subdomain to an existing certificate using certbot

You're probably reading this because you already have a Let's Encrypt certificate issued using certbot for a domain, and now want to add-on subdomains. If you want to create a new certificate, have a look at the end of this article. In my case I already had a certificate which covered golightlyplus.com www.golightlyplus.com I have [...]

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How to automatically and permanently delete unwanted emails

Gmail provides the option to filter unwanted emails to your Bin. Click here for the instructions on how to do that. The emails though only get automatically permanently deleted after 30 days. So if you are trying to block someone from emailing you, and you have weak moments and end up checking the trash, you [...]

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How to setup a Node.js server on DigitalOcean

Once your droplet is created and you've ssh'd in, it's time to set some things up.. I start off by installing nvm. You can find the command for the install script here. At the time of writing, I used curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.33.8/install.sh | bash I needed to exit my terminal, and then ssh back in. [...]

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How to setup Nginx for WordPress on DigitalOcean

I decided to switch from Apache to Nginx. I have a couple of WordPress sites on a DigitalOcean droplet, so I needed to reconfigure them to be used with Nginx. I basically followed this guide which was great for most of it, but I was still not getting the sites loading properly (404 errors, forbidden). [...]

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How To Use jQuery To Post A CSV File To A Node.js Server

If you have a front-end that needs to accept a CSV file, upload it to a server using jQuery, and then have that Node.js server process that CSV file, then this a way to do it. First up, the HTML https://gist.github.com/magician11/94e7e900b9b390fb4a53b1d32cc38476#file-index-html and then the jQuery that takes the selected CSV file, and uploads it to [...]

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How To A Create A JSON API Wrapper For SOAP

I had a project where I needed to setup a server that communicated over the SOAP protocol. I use Node.js for my backend server, so I began looking for libraries to use to work with. I settled on strong-soap, but began to have issues with doing simple changes to the XML like editing the prefix [...]

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