Author: Andrew Golightly

  • How to do a regular expression search and replace in Visual Studio Code

    How to do a regular expression search and replace in Visual Studio Code

    I upgraded to V6 in React Router. One of the upgrades was to replace all occurrences of with As you can see there is no simple way to do this as a normal text search and replace. But in Visual Studio code you can use regular expressions to match, and then replace the text. Solution […]

  • Birthdays AI

    Birthdays AI

    This is the story of how Birthdays AI was born. Back in 2018 or so I decided to get off of Facebook. This was a huge relief, but also meant I no longer had any idea when my friend’s birthdays were. Being a developer, I decided this was actually a fantastic opportunity to develop a […]

  • How to build a website for free

    I’ve been building websites for about 20 years now. Depending what you want from a website and your skill level with web development, will point to what web infrastructure you want. For every website you’ll need the site files (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images), and a domain name (e.g. If you don’t choose a […]

  • Using the Spotify Web API with Python

    Same friend who inspired me to create the Signification app, also inspired me to learn Python, and in particular how to interact with the Spotify API using Python. I created a walk through tutorial on how I found Python, and how to create some scripts to interact with Spotify using Python. You can view all […]

  • Signification


    A friend of mine has some very entertaining ideas. He used to drive for Uber, and decked out his car with games and lights to make the ride fun and memorable. He’s been thinking about creating some new games, and was the seed idea for what is Signification. Signification is a game that fetches word […]

  • How to get push notifications working with Expo on the App and Play stores

    How to get push notifications working with Expo on the App and Play stores

    I’ve been working on a react native app called Deep Connections on and off for a few years, and using it to test various technologies. I looked into getting push notifications working within an Ionic app I had built, but just found myself struggling too much with Android Studio and Xcode configurations. So I decided […]

  • How To Create Sacred Geometry With JavaScript

    How To Create Sacred Geometry With JavaScript

    Sacred geometry requires perfectly formed shapes that are perfectly positioned in relation to each other. This is very difficult to do by hand, so I thought I’d give it a go using code. I’m going to use React, together with Konva.js to be able to draw on the HTML5 canvas element. If you’re interested in […]

  • How To Extract The Audio From A YouTube Video In MP3 Format

    There are a lot of songs on YouTube. To make a copy of just the audio of a video on your computer, follow these steps: Install youtube-dl. If you’re using a mac and use Homebrew, you can simply type brew install youtube-dl Then from the command line, type youtube-dl –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 <video URL>

  • Privacy and Security Tools

    For almost everyone This section is for almost everyone who isn’t necessarily tech savvy, yet are still concerned about their privacy and security online. The following tips are designed to probably dramatically increase your privacy and security online in a way that’s pretty easy to do, and free. When browsing the web, get Firefox, and […]

  • How to call Freshbooks Classic directly in Node.js using axios

    I was using the freshbooks npm module, but started having issues with its dependencies as it was last updated 3 years ago. It turns out even though the payloads are in XML, it’s not too bad calling their classic API directly once you know how. Of course, then you need to process an XML response. […]