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· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

Squarespace is an excellent site to build a good looking website on. Even for an experienced developer who can build things from scratch, Squarespace does a lot of the basics well...

  • Inserting text, images, videos, layouts easily with their page editing UIs.
  • It's nice to not have to deal with the security and uptime of a website.
  • And it's easy to hand off the site to a client for them to easily maintain.

Like with every site builder, they have their limitations. But what if we could embed any custom logic or app within a nice development experience? Like a React app maybe?

· 3 min read
Andrew Golightly

I’ve had a few projects now where I’ve had to sync up inventories in Shopify with some external database that was their source of truth for inventory values.

So essentially I would need to

  • Download all the products from Shopify for a store
  • Iterate through them all comparing the inventory value reported in Shopify with the inventory value reported in their external database.

· 3 min read
Andrew Golightly

I’ve been building websites for about 20 years now. Depending what you want from a website and your skill level with web development, will point to what web infrastructure you want.

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

Same friend who inspired me to create the Signification app, also inspired me to learn Python, and in particular how to interact with the Spotify API using Python.

I created a walk through tutorial on how I found Python, and how to create some scripts to interact with Spotify using Python.