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Steps to Install a Progressive Web App on iOS Devices

· One min read

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are innovative web applications developed using standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These applications function effectively on any platform with a compliant web browser and exhibit resilience even in low-network zones or offline environments. PWAs, which seamlessly merge web flexibility and native mobile application user experience, are distinguished by their speed, responsiveness, and independence from separate distribution or installation.

So, how can one be installed on your iPhone (iOS)?

Installation Process

This guide details the steps to install the Collective Council PWA on your iPhone.

To begin, visit on Safari on your iPhone and tap the share button.

CC in Safari

Next, select "Add to Home Screen".

Add to home screen

Feel free to edit the name or settings then confirm by pressing "Add".

Edit and add

Following these steps will add a launcher for the PWA to your Home Screen.


Tapping the launcher opens up the PWA in full screen without the usual browser UI, essentially functioning as a standalone app.

viewing as PWA