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Frontend Developer’s Support Group

· 2 min read

I’m looking at starting a support group for frontend devs. You know who you are.. you live and breathe HTML5, CSS3 and JS.

A lot of us work on our own (I think) particularly if we’re freelancers.

There are already some great resources for tech support like But these can be a cold/impersonal even though they do serve their purpose for sure.

So I’m looking for a more generalised and personalised support group:

  • Where it feels safe to ask “stupid questions”. As we all know there are so many frontend technologies, and we all have varying levels of skills in each one. So part of the function of this group will be tech mentoring and supporting each other. Or even just knowing which resource to point someone to is helpful.
  • A group to share struggles and wins with.. like how to deal with a difficult boss or “hey, I just got a new contract!”
  • A group of people to just connect with during the day.. a virtual team.
  • A group to get feedback from for our current projects.
  • To make it more personal, I’m thinking of maybe a monthly catchup on Google Hangouts. And possible in-person meetups.
  • You can live anywhere in the world.
  • You speak English fluently.

This group will probably work best smallish.. less than 10.

Possibly using #slack to communicate generally on. But being a more tight-knit group, we’ll probably have each other’s Skype id’s and have some voice chats with each other over the week to bounce ideas around or get more 1-on-1 support.

I’m just looking for feedback at this stage and an expression of interest from anyone who loves frontend dev and wants more of a team feeling. Where we actually support each other. My other job is as a coach and counsellor, so I’ll bring that area of expertise to the group too.

It’ll be free to join. There’ll be some level of commitment to connecting so relationships are formed; I’m not interested in dropins.

So please contact me.