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My interview process with Toptal

· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

Toptal connects top freelance developers with various companies.

So I was keen. More freelance work sounded good to me. The interview process was fairly intense.

Stage 1 involved chatting with some guy who asked relatively general questions. Pretty sure the main objective was to assess my English level.

Stage 2 was an automated online test on Codility. There were 3 questions. The first one was relatively straight forward, but the second one on negabinary stumped me. I went blank.. maybe due to the time pressure. I had 90mins to complete the test. Of course afterwards I worked out how to do it by implementing an AngularJS app that converted any decimal number to negabinary. You can see a working demo here. It’ll even display how the calculation was made. Source code on GitHub. Essentially implemented using an AngularJS filter.

var negabinaryApp = angular.module('negabinaryApp', []);

negabinaryApp.filter('negabinary', function() {

return function (decimal) {

if (isNaN(decimal)) return "not a number";

var negabinary = [];
var base = -2;
var remainder;

while(decimal != 0) {

remainder = decimal % base;
decimal = Math.ceil(decimal / base);
negabinary.push(remainder >= 0 ? remainder : -remainder);

return negabinary.reverse().join('');

View this gist on GitHub

The 3rd stage was to do live coding examples while being watched by another developer via Skype screenshare. Something about being watched unnerved me. I didn’t get through the first task which I had 20 mins to do. So my application was rejected. It was a fairly simple jQuery task on adding and removing elements. Again, I sat down and worked it out soon after my interviewer left. My final solution is on JSFiddle here.

Apparently I can re-apply in a month!

Hope that helps someone out there 🙂