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Privacy and Security Tools

· 2 min read

For almost everyone

This section is for almost everyone who isn’t necessarily tech savvy, yet are still concerned about their privacy and security online. The following tips are designed to probably dramatically increase your privacy and security online in a way that’s pretty easy to do, and free.

When browsing the web, get Firefox, and then install the uBlock Origin and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials plugins.

For logins on websites, get the LastPass Password Manager plugin for Firefox. This will manage logins for all your websites. You just need to create one really strong password to access your password vault.

For secure group chats, and to share files, try Keybase. This is like a more secure form of Slack. You could totally use it for social type networks.

For secure messaging and calls from your phone, use Signal.

Email isn’t very secure, but if you are going to use it, try ProtonMail.

Using a VPN hides your true location from most, and makes sure your traffic is encrypted even on public networks. I currently use ProtonVPN.

To avoid a lot virus and malware issues, use either a Mac or Linux.

I also highly recommend the book Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. It’s essentially about how governments are involved in mass surveillance of everyone.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me.

For the more technically minded

This section is for the tech savvy people out there that want to take their security and privacy levels up another notch.

Setup your own VPN using a cloud provider like DigitalOcean and Algo VPN. Walk through doc here.

For even more private web browsing use the Tor Browser. For a detailed discussion of what browser to choose, read this.

To view your public IP address using the command line:

  • dig +short
  • curl (more information)

To ensure higher privacy of your data, make a backup of your machine’s data to an external HDD instead of some cloud service. A suggested tool is BorgBackup.

For free OS X security tools, check out Objective-See.

For anyone in the know with security and privacy in the digital space, contributions are welcome. Please contact me.