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How to do a regular expression search and replace in Visual Studio Code

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

vscode regular expression

I upgraded to V6 in React Router. One of the upgrades was to replace all occurrences of



navigate('some-route', { replace: true });

As you can see there is no simple way to do this as a normal text search and replace.

But in Visual Studio code you can use regular expressions to match, and then replace the text.


So let’s say we have the above string history.replace(‘/some-route’); in a file.

In the Visual Studio Code search box, I have


Which means search for any instances of “history.replace”, take anything between the brackets, and store it in a variable called $1. “(” means literally match a bracket. So this will set $1 to be ‘/some-route’

And then the replace line is

navigate($1, { replace: true })

which takes the route matched in the above regular expression, and inserts it into this new string. Which will update the string to be navigate(‘/some-route’, { replace: true });

That’s it. This helps a lot when there are a lot of API updates to make.