How to display a WordPress feed in an AngularJS app

I have a landing page where I wanted to show my latest articles from a WordPress blog I have. It turns out it's not that hard to do. First I created a factory to get my WordPress feeds Then use this factory from some controller Then use this data in a view like this [...]

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Use Autoprefixer to add vendor prefixes to your CSS

The latest CSS properties are getting implemented in browsers before they become standardised. Which is great for us developers in that we can start using the latest CSS3 features quicker than not. But to use these latest implementations, we need to add vendor prefixes to our CSS rules, specific to those browser vendors (e.g. for Chrome and Firefox). For [...]

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My interview process with Toptal

Toptal connects top freelance developers with various companies. So I was keen. More freelance work sounded good to me. The interview process was fairly intense. Stage 1 involved chatting with some guy who asked relatively general questions. Pretty sure the main objective was to assess my English level. Stage 2 was an automated online test [...]

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