• How to add encryption (https) to your JavaScript application

    I hadn’t given too much thought to encrypting the traffic to my applications, until developing for 3rd party services like Facebook Messenger or using service workers require your server to use https. For a full stack JavaScript application we need to setup encrypt on both the front-end and the back-end. Front-End Encryption I’m serving my files (fonts, […]

  • How to collect an unknown number of async calls

    I had a challenge the other day where I would request some data from a server. But the data was not all returned at once. But rather paginated. And I wouldn’t know beforehand how many pages I would need to process. So I couldn’t just pre-nest my callbacks. That’s when I re-discovered promises. Basically I […]

  • How to sort a collection in Shopify using a custom metafield

    Shopify allows you to sort a collection of products using one of the following criteria:

  • How to reduce bank fees as a traveller

    As a traveller, using banks can become a headache with all the fees they add to withdraw money from an overseas ATM or when buying things online in another country with our debit or credit cards. After being charged AU$30 for doing a cash withdrawal and buying something online, I started researching exactly how much I […]

  • Frontend Developer’s Support Group

    I’m looking at starting a support group for frontend devs. You know who you are.. you live and breathe HTML5, CSS3 and JS. A lot of us work on our own (I think) particularly if we’re freelancers. There are already some great resources for tech support like stackoverflow.com But these can be a cold/impersonal even though they […]

  • How to display a WordPress feed in an AngularJS app

    I have a landing page where I wanted to show my latest articles from a WordPress blog I have. It turns out it’s not that hard to do. First I created a factory to get my WordPress feeds View this gist on GitHub Then use this factory from some controller View this gist on GitHub Then […]

  • Use Autoprefixer to add vendor prefixes to your CSS

    The latest CSS properties are getting implemented in browsers before they become standardised. Which is great for us developers in that we can start using the latest CSS3 features quicker than not. But to use these latest implementations, we need to add vendor prefixes to our CSS rules, specific to those browser vendors (e.g. for Chrome and Firefox). For […]

  • Using Bourbon as a mixin library for Sass

    UPDATE Bourbon team decided to drop browser prefixing features and recommends to use Autoprefixer https://t.co/APQOSf0UVI — Autoprefixer (@Autoprefixer) March 24, 2015 … so use Autoprefixer instead!