How to create a sticky fusion mega menu dropdown for Avada

Some of you might notice that once you have created a fusion mega menu dropdown in Avada, once it appears, if you move your mouse just slightly out of its bounds, the dropdown will disappear. This can be pretty frustrating when trying to navigate around the menu when it's so easy for it to disappear. So [...]

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How to use a fallback image for a slider

I created a slideshow that grabbed images from an external server. But doing work on my localhost, if the Internet went down, the slideshow broke. So I wanted to figure out how to use a local fallback image so I could keep developing even if the Internet failed. Turns out it's quite simple. (my solution inspired by [...]

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How to alphabetically sort articles in Shopify

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to sort articles in Shopify by title. Inspired by this article, I developed a workaround for a single page of articles (i.e. with no pagination). The procedure is as follows: Get Liquid to output all the HTML for the articles Give the root node of the list [...]

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How to create a reorder button with Shopify’s Liquid templating language

Let's say on the the account page in Shopify, you want to add a reorder button that when clicked automatically adds all items for a previous order to the cart. One strategy is to use a cart permalink, in the following format:{variant_id}:#{quantity}(,...) So  by adding an item's variant_id and quantity to the end of the URL, [...]

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Creating a stickyfooter with flexbox (and Foundation)

The other day I realised I needed to create a stickyfooter for my app. i.e. getting something to always stay at the bottom of the page. This is needed when there is not much content on the page itself. Probably the most popular method today is using Ryan Fait's method. However, this method still requires a [...]

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