• Deep Connections

    A game containing questions to catalyse more meaningful conversations, and ultimately more intimacy, depth and connection with another. Available free on both Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

    Deep Connections
  • Signification

    Signification is a wild and fun game where players guess the meaning of words or phrases. The words though, won’t be found in the Oxford English dictionary. But they are phrases or acronyms that people may use. Like what? Depressi spaghetti When your depressi so you get upsetti and need some spaghetti or maybe… hopefilet […]

  • Bridge33

    We cultivate a flexible and nimble culture that enables us to identify and quickly capitalize on unique, opportunistic investments. Individually and as a collective team, the entire Company has a relentless drive to create value for our investors. We embrace an entrepreneurial ethos, disciplined acquisition, and intense property management in our drive to be a […]

  • Synergy Diving

    Synergy Diving is a platform to book diving experiences, and they actively support the freelance diving community. Scuba and freediving instructors each get a profile on the Synergy Diving website. The instructors can then list experiences they want to run, and sell any related products. Customers can then access the site and search by a […]

    Synergy Diving
  • City Bowen & Natural Therapies

    Originally a pharmacist then a naturopath, Margaret Spicer has been a practitioner in natural therapies with a clinical practice in Sydney operating for around 25 years. Margaret has been a specialist Bowen practitioner for more than 20 years. Bowen Therapy comprises a specific series of gentle, soft-tissue, muscle and fascial, connective tissue movements designed to […]

    City Bowen & Natural Therapies
  • Birthdays AI

    This is the story of how Birthdays AI was born. Back in 2018 or so I decided to get off of Facebook. This was a huge relief, but also meant I no longer had any idea when my friend’s birthdays were. Being a developer, I decided this was actually a fantastic opportunity to develop a […]

    Birthdays AI