Writing code is challenging and yet I really enjoy it.

Contact Form 7 email verification

This is a WordPress plugin I wrote that extends the functionality of the Contact Form 7 plugin by enforcing that the sender’s email address be verified.

When this plugin is activated, on a form submission..

  1. The form submission does not get sent but instead saved temporarily (including attachments).
  2. The sender gets sent an email with a link to click on to confirm their email address.
  3. Once the link is clicked, the form gets sent as per usual for CF7 functionality.

You can view the source code on GitHub here. Please feel free to contribute. You’ll see the various branches I’m working on there too.

To download and install the latest stable version from the WordPress Plugins repository, head on over here.


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My first foray into AngularJS was making a numerology app for a friend who does numerology readings by hand. For those that don’t know that’s pretty number crunching intensive.

You can view the demo here and the source code here.