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Birthdays AI

Birthdays AI

This is the story of how Birthdays AI was born.

Back in 2018 or so I decided to get off of Facebook. This was a huge relief, but also meant I no longer had any idea when my friend’s birthdays were.

Being a developer, I decided this was actually a fantastic opportunity to develop a birthday app that did exactly what I wanted it to do.

Some of my initial thoughts were

  • I only want to add and be notified of people I really care about.
  • I would like a few reminders leading up to their birthday, so I can start thinking about what to get them maybe.
  • It would be really useful to have both push notifications on my phone as well as email reminders.

So I built this for myself and found it really helpful. Then some friends started asking if they could use it too. So I expanded the app to allow accounts to be created. Some people wanted to download and install the app, so I developed it further to be accessible on both the App Store and Play Store.

It is easily one of the most useful apps I’ve built for myself and others.

It truly allows people to be reminded of people’s birthdays they really care about. A lot of the motivation for the app was to foster human connection more 🙂

Speaking of which, I have a few close people’s birthdays I just got reminded of, and going to send them my well wishes 🙂

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