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Birthdays AI

The app helps users keep track of important birthdays for loved ones by providing note-taking capabilities, an age calculator, and astrology symbols.

Spiritual consciousness

The chat app grants access to an AI collective of spiritual teachers, sharing wisdom on reality, consciousness, and universal laws. Enjoy premium speech synthesis for an enhanced experience.

Carl Rogers

The app provides an anonymous and secure chat platform with Carl Rogers, a prominent psychologist known for developing client-centered therapy, emphasizing empathy and self-healing.


OneNorth Integrated Facility Solutions, a division of Northwest Center, offers top-tier janitorial services to organizations, promoting inclusivity for people with disabilities.

Synergy Diving

Synergy Diving supports freelance diving instructors, offering online scuba and freediving experiences. Book, pay, and enjoy automations like reminders and payment processing on the site.

Speech AI

Speech AI converts long emails or messages into realistic audio output. It offers translation to English and adjustable speech rates for a customized listening experience.