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Signification is a wild and fun game where players guess the meaning of words or phrases.

The words though, won’t be found in the Oxford English dictionary. But they are phrases or acronyms that people may use.

Like what?

"Depressi spaghetti"

usage: When your depressi so you get upsetti and need some spaghetti

or maybe…


usage: When a man attempts to prepare a meal for a woman with the main course consisting of any type of fileted meat or fish in hopes of wooing his dinner guest.


"on the come up"

usage: somethin that’s not quite happenin yet, but on the vurge of blowin up or makin some serious noise.

How does the game work?

A group of friends join a room. They start a game which pulls in a random word and its definition like above. Then everyone only sees the word and has to guess what it means. Next every player will see all the definitions, and try and not only guess what the original definition is, but also which player wrote which definition 🕵️‍♀️

If you guess not only who wrote which definition, but also which was the correct definition, you get full points on the results page. If you get max points, you also get confetti 🙂 🎉


The game pulls in random words and their definitions as defined by users on the net. None of the words or phrases have been screened. Which means some definitions may be obscene or offensive. You been warned 😁

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