My interview process with Toptal

Toptal connects top freelance developers with various companies.

So I was keen. More freelance work sounded good to me. The interview process was fairly intense.

Stage 1 involved chatting with some guy who asked relatively general questions. Pretty sure the main objective was to assess my English level.

Stage 2 was an automated online test on Codility. There were 3 questions. The first one was relatively straight forward, but the second one on negabinary stumped me. I went blank.. maybe due to the time pressure. I had 90mins to complete the test. Of course afterwards I worked out how to do it by implementing an AngularJS app that converted any decimal number to negabinary. You can see a working demo here. It’ll even display how the calculation was made. Source code on GitHub. Essentially implemented using an AngularJS filter.


The 3rd stage was to do live coding examples while being watched by another developer via Skype screenshare. Something about being watched unnerved me. I didn’t get through the first task which I had 20 mins to do. So my application was rejected. It was a fairly simple jQuery task on adding and removing elements. Again, I sat down and worked it out soon after my interviewer left. My final solution is on JSFiddle here.

Apparently I can re-apply in a month!

Hope that helps someone out there 🙂

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  1. Your solution to the jQuery in the JSFiddle is incorrect. It specifies all INPUT fields need to be uniquely identifiable, but you’ve only made the parent uniquely identifiable.

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