Project Description

I am fascinated by speech interfaces with technology.

At university I created a system that controlled a graphical environment with speech commands. You can check out the publication here.

I’ve been playing with a lot of web technologies over the last 10 years. And finally the speech recognition API baked into Chrome has gotten pretty good. So I decided to build a speech interface to search for images on Unsplash.

The idea is you can utter a phase you want to search for, and have a collage of images matching that search ready for you to view. You can click on any image to get a better look, and at any stage you can utter a word or phrase that closer matches what you want, and the page will load with images for that new search. You can also easily toggle listening on and off whenever you like.

All images are free to use and download. So it’s a great tool to help you find images for your next projects.

Check it out here.