Web Development

I love working on most things to do with web development.

I’m a specialist in creating React.js components, and using Node.js to setup servers to process API endpoints or run batch processes.

Key development skills: ES6 (JavaScript), ReactJS, Node.js, npm, git, webpack, Sass, *nix terminals

Currently contracting part-time to both iDoRecall and Sunbowl.

Most of my time is spent developing using these frameworks…


I love building custom applications using this Javascript framework.


I’ve built a variety of applications using ReactJS. From a POS system for a cafe in Bali, to a directory system for a yoga college, to a notary service.

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For beautiful sites that are easy to manage.


Squarespace is great for clients that want a simple functional site that looks great. Particularly for those that have stunning images!

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Shopify is an ecommerce platform to build online stores.


I work with a company in Vancouver, Canada where we work on Shopify websites all the time. I have extensive knowledge of the platform from doing tweaks to completely unique customisations.

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I've been developing WordPress websites for about 5 years now.


I’ve built a variety of WordPress websites, that include everything from online stores, to event pages to slideshows.

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Web Hosting & Maintenance

WordPress is great if you want complete flexibility with editing not only your site’s content but also the functionality behind it.

What you’ll need though then, is somewhere to host the site as well as someone to maintain it.

I use DigitalOcean as my webhost. Sign up with them here. I also offer a package to maintain your WordPress website. Details here.