A friend of mine has some very entertaining ideas. He used to drive for Uber, and decked out his car with games and lights to make the ride fun and memorable.

He’s been thinking about creating some new games, and was the seed idea for what is Signification.

Signification is a game that fetches word or phrase, and a voted upon definition by the community. Some of those words or phrases have crude, rude or obscene definitions. And it’s somehow more real than a regular dictionary. Because we use a lot of phrases in our lives that are not officially correct. The sexual domain itself is filled with colloquial definitions.

So the game works by a bot, Squeege, fetching a word and definition combo. Then players join and each guess the definition of the presented word. Once all definitions are in, players guess which is the definition from the Squeege, and also which definitions belong to fellow players. 1 point for guessing a player’s definition. 2 points for guessing the Squeege’s definition.

What’s best about it, is it’s fun. Fun to define typically taboo things, and fun to figure out what your friends think.

If you get max points, you also get confetti 🙂

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