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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. I’ve kept them as short and succinct as I can.

Web browsers

I only support web development for the latest version of web browsers. To find the latest version available for your web browser and to view alternative web browsers, check out Browse Happy.

Your site content

By using my services you agree that you own all the rights to the images provided. Furthermore, you agree that you shall be responsible for obtaining all permissions and rights for the lawful usage of images consequently used to create your website. I, Andrew Golightly, from Golightly+, accepts no responsibility and will not be held accountable for using any and all images provided, should they found to be unlawful.

Similarly, you are completely responsible for any of the content you publish online.

If during the development of a project, one month has passed since my last request for content or information and I haven’t heard from you, the project will be considered void and any amount paid will not be reimbursed. Work after this fact on the aforementioned site will then revert to a new site build.


For tasks costing under $500, I’ll invoice you after the task is completed. For tasks over this amount, I will invoice you as follows:

  • Before starting work (after clarifying the project specification): 50% of anticipated project cost + any known 3rd party costs
  • Just prior to project completion: remaining 50% of project cost including any agreed upon extras not anticipated at the beginning of the project

Other important T&Cs on costs

  • Payments are due 2 weeks after invoices are sent out.
  • All new work contracts will only begin when all previous invoices are paid.
  • Payments are non-refundable.

During development

I will manage security, backups and updates of your site for new site builds while I am working on it if applicable. Once the final payment for the site is made, the security and maintenance of your site is your responsibility.

Post implementation

Once the project is complete and all payments have been made, you have a 2 week warranty period. Specifically this means that for 2 weeks from the date of the last payment, I will fix anything for free that breaks what we created for the project or update anything that isn’t correct as specified in the project specification.